The best particular victimization reported is average sexual aggression (38%)

By the several survey points, decide to try brands are very different for different steps (come across Dining table step one ). More 15 weekends of data collection (29 evening – that week-end monthly), dos,047 individuals took part in the fresh new southbound questionnaire. Of these southbound players, 1,608 (78%) gone back to done both northbound social knowledge therefore the PDA interview. The general return price are quite higher (84%) since many people completed one however one another northbound tools. Just like the employment means needed that one classification contacted to participate must were at least one ladies younger than simply ages 23, the latest ensuing almost all participants was females (73%). Southbound, step 1,502 females took part, and of that count, 1,172 females accomplished most of the around three (the southbound and you will both northbound) interviews. Females participants exactly who finished the newest southbound survey, the newest northbound PDA survey, while the northbound societal experiences survey happened to be new test society talked about in this paper.


The details were assessed having fun with STATA 9.0. Since victimization outcomes aren’t collectively exclusive teams (e.grams., an individual can declaration each other spoken and modest sexual victimization), per result (including the aggregate “any victimization”) are compared to set of participants just who said zero victimization whatsoever. Bivariate statistics (? dos test getting significant variations) were used to describe these types of groups of respondents in comparison with new manage group towards several individual services. Multivariate logistic activities measure the chance rates of distinct victimization effects (or perhaps the aggregate “one victimization”) on the communities reporting zero victimization. Covariates was indeed examined directly along with a great stepwise regression one to checked during the individual qualities, individual background, sipping character, therefore the seen bar environment. First analyses shown an era perception, consistent with theoretic traditional. Just like the level of affairs are too complicated to test, the last multivariate habits were stratified because of the decades. All of the designs was indeed modified towards the nonindependence away from respondents, who have been employed in naturally occurring fellow groups while they journeyed southbound off California in order to Tijuana.


More than half the brand new attempt (53%) of women whom answered new southbound and you can northbound studies advertised feeling some form of verbal, physical, or sexual victimization (pick Desk dos ). More one fourth out-of people respondents (29%) claimed incidents out-of average actual hostility. Somewhat, 66 women (5.6%) reported incidents away from severe victimization you to rationalized then examination and you can care. Because of the decide to try size, yet not, new example out of major real aggression (cuatro.1%) and you may major sexual aggression (step 1.5%) were short adequate to limitation after that investigation because of it data.

Table dos

Once the found when you look at the Desk 3 , multiple qualities from females respondents’ personal records while the Tijuana ecosystem were regarding new victimization outcomes when you look at the bivariate analyses. Somewhat, respondents aged 16 so you can 20 was indeed very likely to declaration modest real and you may sexual incidents than simply females aged 21 and old. Thirty-one percent of one’s younger participants reported undesired reasonable physical occurrences versus 24% of earlier participants; in addition, the interest rate out-of unwanted modest intimate situations is large for younger participants compared to respondents old 21 or old (40% versus. 29%, study maybe not found). As the goal measure of BAC wasn’t on the victimization reports from inside the bivariate analyses, subjective accounts of count brand new respondent got inebriated and just how intoxicated she experienced have been related to the outcomes interesting.

Desk 3

Multivariate logistic analyses each and every outcome of notice estimated your chances of your victimization outcome to own reports out-of no victimization feel during the the evening into the Tijuana. Even when multivariate analyses narrow the associated attributes, the fresh guidelines out of association can’t be determined because of these data. Separate analyses of each and every outcome confirmed an enthusiastic overarching difference between accounts based on the ages of brand new participants. Consequently, the very last models are stratified by the decades, with results for participants aged 20 and you will younger presented within the Table 4 and you can outcomes for participants old 21 and you may older exhibited in the Table 5 .