My Digital Robot event animation

My Digital Robot

This is the great entertainment that MY DIGITAL ROBOT offers you through interventions in the audience or on stage. Moments that will surprise and amaze people who will participate in impossible experiences themselves.

The meeting with KEYRO the Robot will transport them to an unreal and spectacular world. Martial & Yoan, our 2 professional magicians, invite you to discover modern and innovative digital magic.

Here is an exceptional magical animation… a world first!

Imagine your future accompanied on a daily basis by a robot capable of teleporting an object, a thought, an animal, money, going from virtual to real in a fraction of a second.

We live in an increasingly digital world with 50 billion connected objects by 2020.

My Digital Robot
My Digital Robot
My Digital Robot

Digital technology is omnipresent in our daily lives, every moment we look at a smartphone or tablet, what if by simply touching a screen our wish became reality?

Whether in an ambulatory format, in close interaction with the public or in a show on stage, Keyro will cause a sensation!

By personalizing the animation or communicating on iPad screens, there is no need to specify how much your logo and messages will be relayed on social networks.
By hiring Martial & Yoan and their new attraction, you associate your image with the originality of a communicative, digital and resolutely modern magic!