Magician for children

Magician for children

Hire the best magician to make your magic show for children a success!

What could be more precious than the amazed eyes of children during a magic show tailor-made for them. Yoan, as a complete artist, offers young people the opportunity to experience a real moment of magic during a unique show, at home or in your reception room. On the program: Magic, Ventriloquism and even Balloon Sculptures. Young and old leave with head-full dreams and wonderful memories to share…

In an intimate setting at home on the occasion of a child’s birthday, or on stage, or for a “Family day” in your company’s premises, Yoan TANUJI your magician, adapts his services according to the circumstances to make you experience a personalized Magic Show, that really suits you. He creates tailor-made Magic Shows where your child will be specially highlighted. Children will, in fact, become the heroes of this very special animation. A real moment of happiness for them to experience! Don’t be afraid to feel included in this show, Yoan’s magical performances are aimed at the whole family. We might as well tell you right away that parents won’t be bored either!

Magic for children is a discipline in its own right for a magician. We do not address children as we would perform a magic performance exclusively reserved for adults and Yoan is perfectly aware of this when he develops his magic performances for young audiences. Magic tricks are, of course, adapted to the age and vocabulary of children. Ventriloquism allows you to capture the attention of young audiences and provoke surprise and laughter in them almost instantly! An unforgettable memory where children and parents will have the pleasure of meeting Lulu, the MagiChien, mischievous and very complicit with Yoan the magician.

In short: For the WHOLE FAMILY, Yoan the magician will bring together all the ingredients to offer you a show that is as entertaining as it is unforgettable! Between magic, ventriloquism, balloons and humor, his magic acts are both visual and interactive. Brighten up these very special events with your children such as a birthday, a bar mitzvah, a communion or even an extraordinary family day or family reunion! You can trust Yoan TANUJI to create with you these precious moments that deserve to be enchanted.

Magic trick with children
Ventriloquism with children - Magic trick
Ventriloquist for children

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Are you an individual?

Find a mentalism magician in Paris

The Close-up is ideal for livening up your event, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a cocktail, a bar mitzvah, a retirement, etc… With all the tricks of which Yoan holds the secret, you will have an evening of more pleasant. Entertain your guests with a magic show or tailor-made services to mark a special event, which is dear to you…

Are you a company ?

Find a close-up magician animation for professionals

The Magic of Close-up adapts perfectly to a dinner, a cocktail, a trade show, a congress or a professional show to liven up your stand, but also to your seminar to brighten up break times, or even street marketing or commercial animation. It’s time to use a truly effective way to unite your teams! Ask Yoan for a quote for a tailor-made service!

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