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Strolling entertainment

Amaze your guests by hiring a Mentalist

Mentalism is an art of reading minds like Medium does. This is made possible through a mixture of tricks, psychology, suggestions, mathematics and manipulation. Predicting choices and turning the mind around, Yoan, Mentalist Magician, offers you some of the most disconcerting magic, close to the public!

Yoan TANUJI invites you to discover his 6th Sense! Prepare yourself for strange and astonishing experiences that will challenge your logic. Mentalist Magician, he will take possession of the most secret thoughts of your guests, leaving the audience amazed at this disturbing ability…

From table to table for a dinner or standing at a cocktail dinner, Yoan TANUJI will offer you in turn to try the impossible: divination of first names, dates of birth, secret words, astrological signs, influence, behavioral reading, etc… Your guests will be certainly marked by the live effects that they will experience during this local event, which is at once intimate, intense and friendly!

Made popular by the series The Mentalist, Mentalism is a safe bet for hosting your event. Ideal for weddings, dinners, business seminars, Close-up Mentalism is very popular. Before your eyes, just a few centimeters away, you have the sensation of experiencing special effects in real life!

Thanks to the dexterity and tricks used by your Mentalist Magician, these numerous twists give a very special memorable touch to your event. Confusing, astonishing, astonishing, disturbing… The reactions are unequivocal!

Strolling entertainment: Professionnal Magician
Yoan Tanuji, magician mentalist
Professional mentalist, Yoan Tanuji

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Are you an individual?

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The Close-up is ideal for livening up your event, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a cocktail, a bar mitzvah, a retirement, etc… With all the tricks of which Yoan holds the secret, you will have an evening of more pleasant. Entertain your guests with a magic show or tailor-made services to mark a special event, which is dear to you…

Are you a company ?

Find a close-up magician animation for professionals

The Magic of Close-up adapts perfectly to a dinner, a cocktail, a trade show, a congress or a professional show to liven up your stand, but also to your seminar to brighten up break times, or even street marketing or commercial animation. It’s time to use a truly effective way to unite your teams! Ask Yoan for a quote for a tailor-made service!

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