Mentalist Workshop and Team Building

Workshop / Team Building

Become a real mentalist magician during an initiation or a show with Yoan!

Have you always dreamed of learning magic like the great professionals? Are you dreaming of a “Magic” Day with friends or colleagues? Impress your loved ones and colleagues with tailor-made magic lessons from Yoan TANUJI, your Mentalist Magician. Discovery of mysteries, relaxation and learning are the key words of this Team Building Workshop where all the keys to the profession that you have always wanted to know will be revealed to you…

Alone or accompanied by fellow magicians, Yoan TANUJI offers you a very original Magic Training activity, ranging from simple initiation to more professional magician training. During this special moment, you will immerse yourself in a real initiation to magic during which your Mentalist Magician will reveal little secrets and great tricks to you. Each trick, from the simplest to the most complex, will be approached, explained then put into practice through several tailor-made exercises that Yoan has specially prepared for you! You will not believe that you have mastered all the secrets of magicians at the end of this extraordinary Magic Workshop day! Schedule your own Magic Workshop during a family reunion or, quite simply, to unite your teams and colleagues…

Listening, learning, controlling stage fright and oral presentation will be the magical ingredients of this initiation in the company of Yoan! At the end of these courses, you will be able to perform magic tricks like a true Professional Magician. Team cohesion put at the forefront during these initiations, Yoan TANUJI will give everyone the opportunity to express themselves and create, all together, a real magic show of high quality. A chance to experience the magician’s profession in real life while experiencing real group entertainment with family, colleagues or collaborators! Magical moments and laughter guaranteed!

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Magician for seminar
Pro mentalist magician show

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Are you an individual?

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The Close-up is ideal for livening up your event, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a cocktail, a bar mitzvah, a retirement, etc… With all the tricks of which Yoan holds the secret, you will have an evening of more pleasant. Entertain your guests with a magic show or tailor-made services to mark a special event, which is dear to you…

Are you a company ?

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The Magic of Close-up adapts perfectly to a dinner, a cocktail, a trade show, a congress or a professional show to liven up your stand, but also to your seminar to brighten up break times, or even street marketing or commercial animation. It’s time to use a truly effective way to unite your teams! Ask Yoan for a quote for a tailor-made service!

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