Close-up Magic

Close-up Magic

Interactive magic, before the eyes of the spectators…

An ideal service for hosting a cocktail or dinner, Close-Up Magic, or Proximity Magic, brings a touch of excellence to your event. An animation that is both interactive and friendly, the Magic of Close-up animation is a real Show performed a few centimeters from your guests’ eyes.

The very essence of this type of magic is based on interaction with the audience. This can happen during a cocktail, a dinner, a gala or even a product launch… Yoan TANUJI uses impactful magic using visual, attractive tricks and even in the hands of the spectators!

Better yet, Yoan TANUJI offers different forms of magic to best adapt to the sensitivity of his audience and the needs of his clients. The audience’s attention is focused on what is happening in Yoan’s hands… Everything is a source of wonder: playing cards, coins, bank notes, rings, watches, Rubik’s cube… If you have more guests, Yoan TANUJI can surround himself with magicians from his team to liven up your event.

Close-up Magic can be performed in your choice of Cocktail or Seated Meal Format:

  • Cocktail format: Yoan walks among the groups of guests to liven up your evening. In one hour, the magician can perform magic tricks for around a hundred people.
  • Seated Dinner Format: For a seated lunch or dinner, the magician wanders from table to table. If you choose tables of 8/12 people, Yoan will be able to host approximately 6 to 8 tables per hour. In a classic performance, the magician will be able to entertain up to 160/180 people maximum!
Close-up Magician
Close-up Magician
Close-up Magician

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Are you an individual?

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The Close-up is ideal for livening up your event, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a cocktail, a bar mitzvah, a retirement, etc… With all the tricks of which Yoan holds the secret, you will have an evening of more pleasant. Entertain your guests with a magic show or tailor-made services to mark a special event, which is dear to you…

Are you a company ?

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The Magic of Close-up adapts perfectly to a dinner, a cocktail, a trade show, a congress or a professional show to liven up your stand, but also to your seminar to brighten up break times, or even street marketing or commercial animation. It’s time to use a truly effective way to unite your teams! Ask Yoan for a quote for a tailor-made service!

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