Yoan et Guillaume les magiciens mentalistes

Make yourself comfortable and get ready to watch a unique show!

These 2 artists come together on stage to prove to you that chance probably does not exist… Yoan and Guillaume present you with completely new numbers subtly mixing Mentalism, Magic and Humor. You will live experiences live that will fascinate you as much as they will disturb you… Divination of thoughts, predictions, prodigious calculations, strange coincidences and even the live prediction of a Loto draw made by 6 spectators!

Our 2 mentalists will take you into their world full of memories and childhood dreams and will challenge you with a lot of repartee! Their well-defined characters will make you experience real emotional lifts…

Do you think your mind is playing tricks on you? Wrong, it’s their tricks that are playing on your minds…

Yoan & Guillaume magic trick
Live mentalist magician
The duo: Yoan and Guillaume

It was while leaving for a performance in the provinces that they met. The kilometers made discussions easier, they very quickly found points in common, artistic as well as magical and other things. Very quickly, Guillaume and Yoan decided to meet regularly to write and create numerous magical effects. They have thus created a mentalism effect which is presented by many colleagues around the world.

They then decided to put all their energy and creativity into writing a duo show…

In 2017, the two partners run, in addition to their artistic activities (with), the magic shop MAGIC DREAM located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.