A spectacular Close-up Magic animation for the 5-star Hotel de la Côte Saint Jacques!!

Yoan TANUJI has the privilege of being hosted by La Côté Saint Jacques, offering a breathtaking view of the river and its surroundings. Gastronomy, well-being and conviviality… These are the key words of this 5-star hotel, which represents an essential stopover for gourmets from around the world. Nestled on the banks of the Yonne, this prestigious two-star house was founded by chef Jean-Michel Lorain, who transmits his philosophy with passion. Indeed, this chef with a solid reputation is dedicated to a love of gastronomy and family tradition cuisine.

Secondly, the magician invites guests into a world apart, with his innovative tricks accompanied by a spectacular staging! Whether in a space without a stage or during a magic show or close-up animation, Yoan TANUJI takes his audience into a real moment of sharing and entertainment!

For your next corporate event, think about close-up magic animation to create unique moments!

Close-up 2.0, called close-up magic, is a flagship animation for your corporate event. Close-up can take place anywhere: during an evening, a cocktail or between tables during a meal. The experience experienced by guests is unique, whether they are employees, shareholders or customers of the company. There are also tailor-made tours, presented with logos or “corporate” objects tailor-made for the occasion!

During receptions, seminars and company conferences, the benefits of the intervention of an external element such as a Mentalist Magician no longer need to be proven! In addition, depending on the objective of your event, Yoan TANUJI can help you build group magic exercises. Bringing your teams together has never been easier!

Find Yoan TANUJI in Stand up, on Stage or in Close Up (proximity magic). To schedule a magic event during your private or professional event, ask for your quote!