Magic animation close up at the Côte Saint Jacques


A spectacular Close-up Magic animation for the 5-star Hotel de la Côte Saint Jacques!! Yoan TANUJI has the privilege of being hosted by La Côté Saint Jacques, offering a breathtaking view of the river and its surroundings. Gastronomy, well-being and conviviality... These are the key words of this 5-star hotel, which represents an essential stopover for gourmets from around the world. Nestled on the banks of the Yonne, this prestigious two-star house was founded by chef Jean-Michel Lorain, who transmits his philosophy with passion. Indeed, this chef with a solid reputation is dedicated to a love of gastronomy [...]

Magic animation close up at the Côte Saint Jacques2024-03-11T18:26:08+01:00

Bring magic to your Bar Mitzvah organization


Make one of the happiest days of your son's life a success with magician Yoan TANUJI! Located in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, the Chez Alberts restaurant was the place to celebrate a truly spectacular, magical Bar Mitzvah! Enhanced with music, the event included a unique concert followed by an unprecedented magic show...Our Mentalist Magician, Yoan TANUJI! offers you an unusual activity for one of the happiest days of your child's life. Lasting up to 4 hours, he moves between each small group or from table to table, performing magic demonstrations as close as possible to the guests. Ultimately, this format helps break the [...]

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Magician Close up Children for Hospital Center


Yoan TANUJI takes you into a magical and distant universe, into a world imbued with poetry... Magic comes to life just a few centimeters from children's eyes, to take them on a magical journey! Regularly, the mentalism magician, Yoan TANUJI, intervenes in several hospital centers to bring gentleness and poetry to young children, in need of dreams, magic and entertainment. Whether in front of a dozen spectators or in a larger group, Yoan TANUJI puts all his heart into making the party unforgettable. Its objective: to make children dream of a magical and timeless moment. We can say [...]

Magician Close up Children for Hospital Center2024-03-12T15:18:27+01:00
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